This presentation correlates a happy personal life and a happy professional life utilizing the concept of the Three Blessings and the Fall from the Divine Principle. This presentation is designed to be not personal belief based and also to meet a legal need for sexual harassment free training for employees so that employers are not liable for the actions of other employees. This is based on legislation in many states. However currently this material may not meet the legislation stipulations of the state of where it is intended to be used. A lawyer familiar with the legislation may advise that some modifications or additions be made, e.g. to add same-sex harassment content, more questions, legal statements. Educating all employees is a very large approach to distributing educational material. If this material is improved so as to be stated as meeting the needs of specific states, e.g. New York, California, and then is available freely, and has attached a capability that employees passing the test are provided the certificate on doing so, and the employer HR department is provided a record of the certificate being issued, then both have a benefit.

Developed by Frank W. Bell