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Vision and Mission Statements

Vision Statement:

Victorious Kingdom Families  

Mission Statements:

• Function as an English-based archive on material related to the Blessing of the True Parents – Sun Myung Moon and Hak Ja Han.
• Function as an unofficial clearing house and platform for post-Blessing Family education material.
• Welcome and post material submitted by educators, scholars, and end users that meets specified posting guidelines, parameters, and criteria.
• Welcome and post material that focuses on the Blessing and the Path and way of life for all Blessed Central Families that is rooted in the revelation of the True Parents.
• Provide resources that support Blessed Central Families in their restoration walk, their strivings to realize the ideal of the Three Blessings, and their efforts to build God’s Kingdom on this earth.

The Blessing

The Blessing is a marriage sacrament, brought to humankind by the True Parents, that creates the foundation for holiness, health, and happiness within the family unit. Details on the Blessing can be found at

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